Below are the classes I have taught in the past. I am able to teach these for small groups should a collective of people want to explore one or more of the below.

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Step into your power - find your boundaries and hear your truth

This class is the start of any spiritual journey - get a strong energetic and self-awareness foundation and you will be able to flow harmoniously on your path. 

This online class, broken up over four meeting times, helps you create boundaries, honor your truth and follow your intuition. Through the class we will discuss basics, tips, and tools so you can move through life understanding what is right and best for YOU. You will also receive worksheets to help you move through your own blocks and patterns created by your "wounded child" so you can better learn your own motivations in life. 

Learning your intuition and honoring your own energetic boundaries are the two major factors to being able to navigate a chaotic world smoothly, with confident awareness, and with gratitude. 

Class one is all about the basics and getting your foundation for energy awareness and getting grounded

Class two is about self healing - making space within for new wisdoms and feeling your inherent power

Class three is about boundaries, protecting them, and finding gratitude in every day

Class four is about understanding your gifts, whether you are empathic, clairsentient, clairaudient... etc.

$80 for just the class

$120 for the class and a 45 minute chat session

$140 for the class and a healing/energy session

$180 for class, a chat, AND a healing/energy session

Please specify in your check out which you are choosing

Next class will begin on April 27th (Wednesdays at 4 pm until May 18th) 

Online classes will be recorded and sent to group if you cannot meet live. IF you would like to be on the waiting list for this class, please contact me via this website.

CANT WAIT!? You can do this as an independent study with videos that I have made for the most previous class  (same classes and worksheets)! Go ahead and book the series, letting me know you are doing this on your own time and I will send you the content, and follow up like I do for group classes :) Same fees as above.



Learn about each chakra's power, guide, and purpose

This class will cover the foundational understanding of each chakra's purpose, and ways to know when you are in balance and out of balance. More importantly,  this class will introduce you to your own chakra landscape, offer ways to engage with your own inherent soul's power, and connect you with  the guide of each energy center. This deep dive into understanding our chakras will be empowering, informative, and inspiring.

Four Classes - 60 minutes

Next time this class will be offered is early Summer 2022

Class will be recorded and shared for those who signed up but cannot participate live

Golden Chakra


Reiki is a Japanese energy work modality to balance the body and mind, removing emotional and spiritual blocks to enable stress reduction, relaxation, healing, and helping find one’s purpose. During a session, the Reiki practitioner channels the transmission of Reiki energy to the the physical, emotional and spiritual bodies. Through Reiki, one's chakras will be cleansed, rebalanced, and realigned to aid in removing any negative or old energy. 

While I learned Reiki through the Americanized process taught from Master Takata to my grand-teacher, I truly learned the nuances and grace of Reiki through the Bodhisattva of Compassion, and expression of the Divine Mother, QuanYin. 

As a Usui Reiki Master Teacher, I teach all three levels of Reiki with the traditional Usui methods, while also offering my Shamanic Reiki practices, taught to me by QuanYin, for students to consider including in their work. Whether you are planning to be a practitioner with clients, or just practice on family and yourself - I am honored to offer this to you. I supported my student's  throughout the class and after, and encouraged to find their 

I teach virtually and in person, depending on circumstances. 

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If you have a calling to work with spirit, desire to connect with your ancestors, or wish to commune with "the other side" - this is a mentorship to teach you the ethics, the processes, and fundamentals of journeying shamanically. This mentorship guides you to do this amazing work for yourself - and is the first mentorship in a series which will give you the tools to live shamanically. 

This work is done with the highest regard, respect, and reverence for the lineages of teachers and ancestors who walked before me and passed this wisdom down. This work is done with integrity and calls upon the wisest and benevolent guides. 

The mentorship is broken into three modules: Journeying, Deepening Relationship with Spirit, Shamanic Healing. 

If you would like a breakdown of information that includes course content, pricing, or if you have questions about this offering, please email me using the "contact" page through the link below.

The next mentorship will begin in Summer of 2023 with Check Yourself class (as the mandatory introduction to all this fun stuff!)

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