Who are YOU

We are moving out of spring and into summer... Part of that is related to the energy of coming out of our dream state and aligning with ourselves and our hearts, and into aligning with our purpose and acting on it.

But what if you don't really know who you are or what you want? This happens to a lot of us. Due to social conditioning, or family patterns, or even past life baggage that comes with us into this life... we might grow up feeling that our voice, our wants, and our needs are not priority for anyone. It is okay if this is you. You are not alone, and you are not expected to figure this all out on your own... you have support... with me, with so many others. But first, you have to decide to want help. The following is a very very very surface level approach to the process - of course there are deeper layers to all of this, but this gives you an idea of what to expect:

From there, step into the place of both investigator and student. Witness, question, listen, learn... no judgement when we start to dive into ourselves - just curiosity and awareness. Why might you feel unworthy? Did someone say this to you, or perhaps, did someone's actions make you feel this way?

Once you begin to witness what's going on, it is time to heal. Work with a healer, a therapist, an energy worker, a shaman.... I also talk about this and give tips and a process for self-healing in my Check Yourself Class which is coming up soon and offered three times a year (should you be reading this at a later date). Healing means finding the wisdoms within and releasing the blocked energy that has been stuck. This release frees you up to new energy and new opportunity for how you love yourself and engage with the world. Moving through these pains, blocks and traumas can be hard or scary. Don't lose faith in yourself - you are so much stronger than you realize. Furthermore, you are deserving of peace. Get in there, nothing in your memory is scarier than a life unfulfilled.

As you learn from your past and move through your blocks (and no, we are never truly done... there is always something to heal, ha ha), then you are able to embrace yourself quite a bit more. What is something about yourself that you used to hate, or feel gross about? Is there ANYWAY you could look at that with love? Next week I will be posting about a strategy on how to self-love, so yay for that. But honestly, can you find a way to realize that the very thing you find upsetting could be the very thing someone else loves you for?? People love you, it is a fact. Someone out there loves you. They love YOU for all of you. Why not look through their eyes for a bit and then see if that helps change the way you see yourself. Embrace every part of you that makes you entirely who you are. Because you are special and wonderful as you are.

So now what? Lets say, in theory, you did a rapid go of healing and loving yourself. Great! What do you want? Do you want to pick up a new hobby? Do you want to go on a trip or try new foods? Laugh your way through all the foibles of doing new things. Give gratitude for engaging with the familiar things you have always loved to do, seeing the joy of it with fresh eyes. Fall in love with your new self and the world around you. This is done by trying new things, not expecting yourself to be perfect, laughing, and giving gratitude.

Now, you are truly starting to know who you are. Then you can start to think about what you actually want for yourself. Stand in that truth with honor. You have worked hard to get here and you deserve every ounce of gratitude you give yourself.

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