We are the Balance

Recently I spent time in my spiritual journey space learning about four past lives. In these lives that I spent as recluse/leader/warrior/and shaman, I learned about each element. This compliments another recent journey wherein I learned how to perform cleansing ceremonies using the elements.

Fire burns and ignites. Water cleanses and soothes. Earth nurtures and rebirths. Air informs and aligns. Fire and Water extinguish one another, Air and Earth are opposites.

What is in the middle? The combination of all, us. We are the balance. The body is made of Earth (minerals, specifically) and Water, we are sustained by Air and Fire. Without any of those - we are lost, we perish. With too much of one or another, we are lost, we perish. To go more spiritual with it - we are grounded by Earth, wisened by Air, energized by Fire, and cleansed by Water.

It is only in the beautiful balance that we are able to thrive.

By recognizing the embodiment of these elements, it helps me calm myself. It gives me pause because it helps me realize how small I am compared to each one of these amazing elements. Small or large in its presence, each element holds such mystery and beauty that it helps remind me that problems brought to me in the every day do not hold as much weight as they seem.

Each element has seen generations, millennia, of people come and go. Each element has seen empires rise and fall. Each element has destroyed, and also birthed worlds. Right now we see hurricanes on one side of our country, and fires on the other. Nothing is more powerful that the elements. They have extremes - and when they are in their balance, we thrive.

Spend time, if you wish, visualizing one element taking up one quadrant of your body. Then bring in the next... until you are a perfect four piece of earth, air, water, and fire. How does that feel? Does it ground you? Does it calm you? Does it make you uncomfortable?

More than anything, this post invites you to sit in awe of the elements. Not to desire one thing or another from them.... but to witness them, in their extremes and in their mundane. This is an invitation to remember who you are with them, and what you might be without them. Most of all, it is an invitation to remember that deep within, they all exist within you.

And if you were in your balance - holding the essence of each element in your awareness of self.... How might you thrive? How might you provide space for others to thrive? How might you find peace in yourself?

*I will do a future post going more in depth about elements and working with them to understand the self, and aid as teachers on our path.*

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