The Dreamer's Path - Air

The winter is beginning to turn to spring, and around me I feel the energy of the trees waking up. I can sense the budding of spring bulbs and hear the birds singing new songs in preparation for a vibrant season. Spring is coming... Spring, the time to dream a new vision for our new year. Time to come up with plans, get outside and exercise, eat fresh produce again. Spring is all about that fresh air and fresh perspective.

If you did your homework, you cleaned out your dramas from 2020 in the winter... I know, that was a big ask. And truth be told, you may not be done for a while LOL... but what matters is did you release the dreams and visions that were not realized for the last year. Or are you still holding on to something that didn't happen.... It is time to let go. You cannot dream anew with old visions tying you down. Starting spring with a clear heart might feel loopy or vulnerable for those who like control and plans - but it's the best way to plant new dreams and visions.

So, how does air flow into supporting this?

The air around us has been swirled around, gone through endless amounts of transformation: use, cleansing and renewal. It is wise. The air flows through the trees, gathering wisdom and then brushes our skin however delicately or forcefully. The air fills us with freshness and encourages us to share our dreams out loud.

It is with air that we make our vows, our choices and intentions for a 'new us'. This is a very serious act that many embark on frivolously.... how often do you make off-the-cuff wishes or intentions? I used to do it continuously... now I am monitoring myself because the truth is, the air listens. The air moves those dreams through the earth and it is where we subconsciously engage with great Spirit and find the support for what newness we wish for in our lives.

So how should you use air as an elemental ally? First, find the balance with air. Do you talk too much and are full of "hot air"? Then your words might not hold value. Or are you meek and quiet, not speaking up for yourself? Then your words won't be heard. Find the balance where your words are spoken with the integrity and truth of who you are. Speak, but also listen.

Second, sit outdoors and feel the fresh breeze on your face and the air around your body. If no one was listening, what beautiful blessings would you grant yourself?

Then speak. Speak quietly or loudly, with tears or laughter. Just speak your truth into the world. Then, when the quiet returns, just listen. Hear the air pick up around you and up into the breezes of the trees or waterways. Watch as the air moves up towards the clouds, and the clouds take your dreams across the sky. Then trust how the air moves up to the upper atmosphere, to be transmuted and gently laid at the border of the universe - to be received with care.

Nothing feels more natural to me than laying in the grass and watching how the wind blows and moves the clouds. Connect with that inner child who loved air - and reconnect with that great elemental ally. Air supports us, however invisibly... wisdom and truths are not always tangible and measurable... but air is absolutely filled with great wisdom and truth.

So next time you are outside, let the air fill your body and mind. Listen closely. What new wisdoms will you learn. What dreams will create for yourself and send out? It is all about balance. Bringing in wisdom to help us learn, and then releasing our truths and dreams for the world to witness and honor. The trees, the plants, the animals... they are all listening. Let the air carry your vision for this new year, and don't forget to dream something amazing for yourself. You deserve it!

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