Moving through Burnout

Everyone is talking about burnout right now... it is easy to - we are over scheduling ourselves in a tense time, doing all the jobs (seemingly or actually alone), and no idea when life will "go back to normal."

Then, there are always suggestions about incorporating a routine way to decompress. Loads of ideas are out there, and they are fantastic! Stop looking at your phone or tv 30 mins before bed, go for a walk, drink relaxing tea, aromatherapy, weighted blankets, float tanks, color therapy, intuitive dancing, exercise.... The idea here is that we need to schedule this act into our routine so it is not a one-off thing, but something that routinely allows us to decompress and promote overall wellness.

But honestly, that can be difficult for those who have shame/confidence issues - because if we don't make that routine shift, and if we don't do our thing per week or day, then that opens up a place for feeling low towards ourselves. Of course, it is easy to say, "its okay, don't worry and catch up next time" - but for those with deep seated insecurities, this could be a big hurdle.

So what do we do about this? How can we realistically move through burnout and stop taking on so much?

I don't have the answer, so I am calling in a friend who might. I am channeling the Arianhod, Celtic Goddess of the Moon. The moon witnesses us day and night - and constantly shifts in her appearance, reminding us to release that which doesn't serve us, help us manifest that which we want, and remember the magic and mystery of life.

This is what Arianhod said:

"You want to know the why, why things are the way they are, why are you burned out? What about "the how?"How did you get here. How did your actions create this mess? That is really the question... not why, but how. Because your choices, whether or not they were conscious, are what lead you to where you are. Some (though often many) choices are empty, thoughtless, and followed with no real consciousness or heart. That is how you find yourself where you are. That also explains the why - because you are lacking heart and authenticity, not accessing your full heart in what you decide to do.

You must remember to put your heart into every vessel before you choose to pursue that path or action. Does it fit? Does this vessel bring your heart joy? That is really all that matters. From this point, you find what honors your heart, and then the rest gets passed by.

Now if you want to get into "the why," it is independent for each person. Everyone has their own lessons to be learned and what one person may glean from a situation could be a totally different lesson from the exact same situation experienced by someone else. The why is not universal, despite what many think.

Look at me, I change every night. Do you want to know why or how I change.... why: because it is my purpose; how: by constantly moving constantly shifting into the next and releasing the last. Why would I hold on to things from the past, why should I reach so far for the future when it will arrive on its own? Don't get caught in the stickiness of obsession, of things you cannot control, of things you do not need, and of paths that are not yours. That is how you change your situation and that is how you find more joy.

To Summarize and apply to normal life:

You can choose happiness - allow yourself to choose joy in the small things... such as weekend activities, evening activities. Spend that last half hour reading about something that is truly exciting to you! Or, after doing all the yard work, go get an ice cream and celebrate the small goals before your next chore. Need to exercise but can't stand the gym or walking? Put on some banging tunes and dance! Or set up some cushions around you and thrash against them to get out your energy. Alternatively, do a minute of planks whenever you are standing around thinking about what to do... Make choices to allow the mundane and routine be somewhat uplifting. You own your existence... so empower yourself to find the joy in small parts. The joy will build up and allow you to find beauty around you.

When it comes to careers that don't bring joy, make choices around them that allows for joyful moments... Find ways to bring joy in your workplace... a small african violet plant, a monthly lunch with colleagues, a game book that you can do during lunchtime outside under the sky. Don't live your life through your work - don't find value in yourself because of your job - do your job to live your life with those you love.

Coming up with excuses? Then make a list of things you want to do on your phone, and then when you have a free minute, look at it to remind yourself of these opportunities.

Don't look at others successes or joys and think you are blocked by the universe, unsupported, or unworthy. Do not live in a place of jealousy. Everyone has something wonderful to cherish... wether it is as simple as "health" or "i have good enough vision to see the world in color", or more expansive from the self to saying "i have a home, food, etc". It is OKAY to be down from time to time, but don't forget the overall blessings that you already have in your life.

Remember, change can come at any time - so release the past, and embrace change for a new future. Changing your life to increase joy and alignment with your heart's desires doesn't mean to be reckless - selling all things and moving to the Himalayas. Start by saying no to the things that you are not 100% comfortable with, or things that don't bring you joy and fulfillment. Move into new choices with wit, cleverness, and understanding of who you truly are. Get aligned with who you truly are - what do you want for yourself in this life?

And if you don't know who you are, or what your heart wants... make choices to dig deep, heal, learn from your past, embrace your wisdoms and quirks, and step forward with choices that help you fall in love with yourself. Then you will begin to know yourself.

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