Is this real? Or is this inside my head?

In the final Harry Potter book, The Deathly Hallows, Harry asks Professor Dumbledore, "Is this real or has this been happening inside my head?" To which Dumbledore says, "Of course it is happening inside your head, Harry, but why on Earth should that mean that it is not real?"

This question and answer go through my mind quite frequently. How do we know we aren't totally crazy when we experience something extraordinary in spiritual space* (more on this below)? We rely on science for so much proof of everything, that we forget to have faith in some things.

I share for your consideration: talking to plants and animals. Shamans, spiritual practitioners, farmers, etc, often spoke with plants and animals as part of ritual or in honor of sharing this Earth with beings other than ourselves. Plants offer medicine and nutrition, while animals living alongside us with different experiences and timelines - some on land, some on water, some for days, some for a century. Somewhere along the way, the act of people talking to plants and animals sounded silly... but yet, we now have studies coming out that show plants and animals respond in a wide range to our words, our vibrations, our touch. What's more, is there is recent information that plants talk to each other - sending vibrations, emitting chemical signals, etc, to warn each other of danger. So... something that was completely an act of faith and later deemed non-sensical... is totally real.

I apply that to the quote at the top. Through practicing Reiki, I am continually astounded when I glean information during a session that I would have no way of knowing otherwise... for example, a foot injury on someone who I met for the first time virtually (and didn't see anything other than their face), or a passing of a close brother at a young age. I can't make that up.... I wouldn't make that up! So it has to be real, even though there is no scientific proof of what I am experiencing, right? I think so... But that is just my opinion.

  • Spiritual Space Explained:

Shamans bridge the spiritual world and the earthly world (where we live). Other practitioners do this too, some healers, transcendental meditation, those who work with occult practices... so on and so forth. Spiritual space, also known as Journey space or spiritual dimension, is basically a place we access with our soul self and mind. It's an altered space of consciousness. We close our eyes, still our bodies, and use our minds to explore out into the other dimensions. This usually involves an entry point and proper spiritual allies to assist in the journey - so please do not try this without proper guidance from a practitioner or teacher. In this altered space of consciousness we meet with allies, we heal wounds that affect our psyche and emotional selves, we access information about our soul's path, etc. People don't access spiritual space without having some form of training or a guided meditation. When the journey is completed, the practitioner returns with information and guidance for themselves or their client... this is when the practitioner has faith that what they experienced is real, and usually (but not always), the client is surprised by what the practitioner has to share!

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