Going Inward - Winter

For us on the northern hemisphere, it is dark and it is cold. Hibernating animals do a beautiful job of reminding us of a fundamental truth for earlier Humans.... sleep when it is dark. Rest and recuperation.

But what does that mean for the modern human, who has access to television, lights, and phones? What is the purpose of winter, after all, in a modern context?

First, let me quickly address the traditional spiritual purpose of winter. This is the time to go within. Fall was the time to let go - let go of the things we didn't complete or dreams that were unfulfilled, or plans that were shifted and no longer necessary. Let's assume we all did a tremendously wonderful job of letting go, getting rid of the baggage around us. Now, in winter, it is time to go within. Think of it as the great spring cleaning of your energetic and emotional bodies.

Winter is the time to go deep within ourselves to confront, move through, and then learn from our deepest shadows. The time as a child we were yelled at instead of cuddled. The fear that we would not meet expectation in a class and unleash disappointment from a parent or guardian. The first heart break. These deeper wounds that typically are brushed off or covered up by the latest and greatest distraction in life. This is what we do in winter. We go in, we heal, we learn, and then we nap. Because energy work is no joke. It can be hard (though it doesn't always have to be, see a healer if you need assistance), definitely emotional, and in the end - freeing. That space opens up so we can usher in new energy in the spring (more on that in the spring post). But, after all that work we are usually hungry and tired. The work pays off as the healing integrates... and in that middle time, rest is absolutely integral.

So how to make this work as a modern human. Well, we have options!

If you have the time to go deep within yourself on your own, then by all means do it. I suggest going inward at times of quiet and calm, whether you are doing this in a float tank, a meditation space, an art space to create through your healing, or sitting in your car in the parking lot (yep, been there, done that). Release, and then journal a bit... what did you experience? What did you learn? Who are you ready to forgive, or are did you forgive yourself? Finally, release - visualizations are key here though you could always do your own releasing ceremony... visualize the wind taking your words of release and healing away, or light an actual candle and you can imagine yourself stepping into the flame to be cleansed... And afterwards, rest. If you are a busy person, you just take it easy as much as possible the rest of the day... frozen pizza for dinner, pjs for the evening, no judgements on yourself, LOTS of water (no booze), and then go to bed. If you can nap after your session, even better.

If you are a busy person and are not used to carving time out for yourself:

Make a list of your deep seated issues over lunch or breakfast when you are of a fresh mind, and not too tired so your emotions don't get the best of you. Remember to stay emotionally distant for now. If you can, carve out an hour once a week at the end of the work day to process one item from the list at a time. We aren't running a sprint here, its a marathon... take it slow and easy so you have time to process during your otherwise busy schedule. IF you need help, or do better with scheduling a session - find a good shaman, healer, or therapist to walk you through this work. And then just like the others, find ways to take it easy after your work is done, and rest deeply. No booze, or self soothers afterwards - just water and rest.

Once our healing is complete, we go into our rest phase which is all about letting our energetic bodies release in totality. As she releases these pains and welcomes in new light and space, the physical body will react. You might feel lighter, happier, less fearful, or more optimistic... you might start eating healthier or engaging in more comfortable and smooth social dialogue. Make note of this, and absolutely celebrate yourself as the work is being done.

You have support, and there are healers ready to help... but remember, those coffers of pains and traumas are not going to clear themselves... so take advantage of the winter - the calmer and quieter, colder and darker times, to do this work. Only you can make the choices to find a better and happier you. And you absolutely are worth it.

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