Failure for the Win

We all fail. In some ways, in some lights, we all need or could use some improvement to our behavior. Failure can look like saying the wrong thing, doing something immature, not getting a promotion, or not getting the contract we wanted...

But I truly believe failure is an opportunity to learn. Lots of people say this... shoot, it was even in a Marvel movie where Loki and Thanos were talking:

Loki says something around the lines of "I have experience on Earth."

Thanos says to Loki, "If you consider failure experience"

Loki wisely says, "I consider experience, experience." (yessssss Loki!!!!)

That's just it. As youngsters we are programmed to have emotional responses to failure and winning. Winning equals joy, failure equals depression.

But as a Shamanic practitioner, I am taught that failure is just a method for information to come through. Failure is a lesson waiting to be learned. Failure is the incorrect door unopened so you can continue walking until you find the correct door has been open the whole time. Failure is the universe making you wait while something better comes your way.

What if we changed our reaction to failure? What if we embraced it - not as a validation for laziness, for not trying, or assuming we won't get something - but embraced it after the fact as an opportunity to learn about your blocks, or how your thinking patterns affect your behavior.

Again, this is not new... so how do you make this work for you? Let's get crafty...

Get out a paper and pencil - and make a web of the major "failures" that upset you and contain frustration in your body, or cause the most grief. When you have 3-5 (or however many you want) sorted, ask these questions:

Are there any patterns here? Do they have similar aspects that might relate them? Do they evoke the same emotional response? Was it the same "theme" of "work" or "personal desires" throughout?

If you failed, what did success look like? Do the successes have similarities such as the above?

If you can find a pattern(s) - sit with them and figure out what it is really about.

-If it is a pattern of failure, then BOOM you have just found a big nugget to be healed.

-If it is a pattern of success that you did not achieve, then BOOM you have just found something that you are projecting lack around - meaning: you are assuming you are not worthy of it... which is something that needs to be healed.

If you did not find a pattern then consider these:

-did "failing" prove to be destructive to you? If so, consider the same qjestions from above from a different angle (ask your guides for help!) If not, perhaps the failure was just a pause to help you find something better, or a stepping stone to something better.

Once we shift our perspective to see our failures as healing opportunities, or lessons from spirit, we can change how we treat ourselves in our bodies... Then what will happen is that over time, instead of being upset by a "failure", we will embrace it and express gratitude for the lesson that is on its way. By getting in front of the wave, we are able to ride it carefully and confidently - instead of getting knocked over and hard on ourselves.

And as always, once we are able to live in a state where we love and respect ourselves - we can live with such joy that you naturally attract success....... Or, we are just as happy without it, HAH!

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