Crystals as Allies

Updated: Aug 29, 2020

When I think back to the start of my spiritual awakening, it really started with Sodalite.

Sodalite is a beautiful blue stone with white speckles and lines throughout. It is an amplifier and best worn around the throat, as that blue really resonates with the throat chakra. It can help with speaking truth, but also a really great stone for balancing emotional swings (works gorgeously in tandem with Amethyst to balance and focus). As such, Sodalite is a great anti-anxiety stone (or better put, a stone that helps neutralize anxiety).

But how do crystals and stones work?

Just as anything else in nature, they hold a vibration. After all, we are all made of energy - so even though natural items might not seem sentient, they still have a vibrational output. They still can absorb vibration... They have an energetic exchange.

Never heard that before? Well, speaking with plants, animals, and crystals is not really taught in elementary school... nor is energy body awareness for that matter. Yet, we all have deep emotions, we all have calming effects when we see grand vistas of nature, and when you hold a crystal (one that has been charged with the energy of the full moon) you can really feel a vibration in your hand.

So, back to how they work... Crystals (aka tumbled stones/or crystals set in jewelry) work by emitting their vibration to the space around them. If you are wearing a crystal, you will be the primary recipient of that energy output.

Absorbing crystals healing power slowly crack the foundation of crud/block/barriers around your energy body and chakras (energy centers in the body - often a focus of Reiki energy work) to allow for the natural flow of energy inside your body. [When the energy in our body is flowing harmoniously, when we are grounded, and we are aligned with our truth - we are able to live a life of considerable meaning and joy.] So, by cracking the foundation of your blocks, you can begin to recognize what is holding you back, what is causing pain, and what old patterns are no longer serving you in a healthy way. Essentially, crystals as allies are the hand-holding friends that walk us to the therapist when we have been through some shit and need some help, or take us to get a margarita while we cry into our nachos... Jade, for example, does a lovely job of absorbing our fears and interrupting negative thought patterns.

Others, amplifying crystals, are great for helping us strengthen our chakras and our energy output. Such as Sodalite with helping amplify the speaking of your truth! Another one is Agate (a quartz but looks different based on its extremely tight chemical structure) which amplifies any chakra - so consider it a great stone/crystal for manifesting... projecting out there the energy you want to exhibit for yourself and the world to see.

The most beautiful things about crystals are that they don't judge, they don't question... they just love.

Now, there is a lot of information out there about crystals -- you can go and search what would be the best pairing for any ailment: physical, spiritual, mental or emotional. You can also send me an email in the contact me section of this site and I would be more than happy to help you find your right pairing. But if you are online, be sure to cross reference with other sites, or even look in easy starter books that are popular (such as Crystals for Beginners by Karen Frazier) to make sure you are getting the right ones. Quartz, calcites, and fluorites are the most abundant in nature and thus the most cost effective... for example quartz includes: tigers eye, rose quarts, amazonite, amethyst, smokey... its a big family, hah.

To start? I always recommend amethyst - purple quartz. It is balancing, compassionate, soft, and beautiful. After that, I recommend selenite - get that gorgeous white fiberous

crystal in your home to clean stuff out! Also, onyx is a sexy protecting stone, and bloodstone is amaaaaaazing for grounding.

Play around. Hold the crystal in your hand and if it vibrates in a way that tickles you or makes you feel grounded and strong in yourself - then its a perfect fit! If it feels too strong, overwhelming or just not "right", then pass. Maybe you will reconnect with it in the future.

Enjoy the fruits of mother earth in her many forms. She loves you, and so do the crystals.

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