Boundaries as Empathic Tool

Being an empath is often maligned. But honestly, its not that bad when you have solid energetic body awareness (something that Christina Pratt of Why Shamanism Now talks a lot about on her podcast).

How can boundaries be a tool? Quite simply... when you understand where your energy begins and ends, you will know when something is yours or not yours. You will know when something feels good and when it can be shrugged off.

Don't get me wrong, insults and projections are still irksome, but when you have boundaries it is easier to see when someone is really just projecting their own stuff because they don't know how to heal or handle themselves. People project because they don't have the right tools to love themselves... and so they shove off their insecurities and blame onto others so they might be able to feel like they aren't alone, or might be trying to make themselves feel better.

Ultimately, boundaries are how we preserve our energetic flow. Energy comes in, and it goes out. Just like breathing. So when your boundaries are strong, you can sift out the negative and fill yourself up with joyful expressions of energy, and also be self-aware with the energy you send out. Sometimes we project, and then it makes us feel bad... so being self-aware is a part of boundaries.

I teach an online class about boundaries and energetic body awareness that was inspired by Pratt's podcast, while also bringing in wisdoms from other authors such as Shakti Gawain, Mary Mueller Shutan, Pixie Lighthouse, Sandra Ingerman, Alana Fairchild... and of course, from my own experiences from life and partnership with spirit. This class is three times a year to prepare us for the major energetic shifts that happen in the cycle of the seasons. The class covers how to get clear, have boundaries, protecting ourselves, and honoring our psychic gifts and intuition. Here is the link to the class listing for your convenience.

Without spilling all the fun and secrets, I will share some general pointers here:

1- Know yourself. what are your strengths and weaknesses? Use this awareness to understand where you are pulling energy away from yourself and when you are allowing yourself joy

2- Know your environment. Who is a projector? Who is an energetic siphon or vampire? Who drains you or overwhelms you? What are they upsetting inside of you... is it concerns about safety, or confidence, or being heard? Sit with this and try to unpack it.

3- Know when, and how, to walk away. Need some space to get cleared and reset? Sometimes that is the hardest part is being able to pull away. Try different excuses, or tune out and get connected with yourself and your heartbeat so you don't let others manipulate your energy and awareness.

3- Know your power. This is different from your comfort zones... this is your intuition and psychic gifts - know what they sound like, feel like, etc... this is a lot of trail and error, but when you catch on it, you will be so supported by your soul and spirit. So much information comes through our intuition that is for us, and super helpful! Follow that! The information that comes through our psychic gifts is about the world and others around us... most of it is unnecessary... filter it so you don't get overwhelmed by shoving off that which does not benefit you on your path.

Ultimately, if you are in need of stronger boundaries, you are not alone. We all waver from time to time, and many of us were not taught how to stand in our heart, power and truth. I would be honored to help guide you to that place of self-knowing so you can pursue the world and all its offerings with confidence. Feel free to reach out with questions :)

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