Martha has an innate sensitivity and compassion that has been nourished to bloom into a powerful energetic force. She doesn't abuse this power that she has, but rather uses it for good, for healing, and for soothing unrest. The light she emanates is tangible without being overwhelming for those who don't share her gift. Her humility and approachability help me to trust her completely, which allows me to surrender in a way that is surely important and helpful for her work, but is undeniably beneficial for my Self.

Laura L.

Yes, I would most certainly recommend Martha to others. She helped to bring forth remarkable information that helped reconnect and center my focus. Her warm, caring manner permeates the atmosphere and effectively helps to set the stage for going into a meditative state. She was wonderful.

Robin R.

It’s about what Martha senses from your energy and how you can work on those things. It brings an awareness to your body and to those things you’re not thinking about every day. After reiki, I’m just in a better mood.

Tracy N.

Martha's warm and comforting presence allowed my experience with her to feel both empowering and nurtured at the same time. Her clarity and understanding helped her walk alongside me during our session, and created an awakening in me that I have longed for for years. She has strength of spirit and an undoubtedly powerful connection to this work, and I would recommend her to anyone seeking spiritual guidance and self compassion.

Kristy W.

I will be honest, I didn't know much about reiki, and the little I did know I didn't really believe in. But after talking with Martha, I decided to try a session with her to see if it would help with my current feeling of being overwhelmed and stressed. Martha was so calm and centered during our session and was able to tell me things that helped me change my thinking and cope with my feelings. She is so personable and brought such great energy, I felt amazing afterward. I will definitely be contacting her for a session again.

Katie M.

I first started seeing Martha for reiki in my last year of law school, and she supported me through the summer I was studying for the bar exam—an overwhelmingly stressful and exhausting time in my life. Every week during that grueling summer, I looked forward to my sessions with Martha, which made me feel replenished in body and spirit. I don’t know how she does what she does, but Martha always makes me feel better, whether I leave her feeling more relaxed, more energized, more in touch with myself, or more open to the mysteries of the universe. She is an authentic, hilarious, and embracing person, and a gifted healer.

Emma C.

I have never met someone as intuitive as Martha. I was floored by how much she was able to decipher through reading my energy. She tapped into some of my deepest concerns and was able to provide a sense of comfort and realignment without me having to say a word. She has a gift and I am so thankful that I was able to share in this experience with her.

Kris D.

I found this experience to be really motivating, and really inspiring. Receiving such a complete and vivid description helped me better conceptualize astral armor. It's liberating! It's important. It's a step in ceremony, and a step in ritual, and a step in journey. It's a piece of the puzzle that made sense after I received it through our work together. My soul's superhero suit, each piece symbolic and meaningful; each piece medicine in its own right. Together, it makes the prospect of exploring consciousness more exciting, and more inviting. Why? Because it's so freeing! It's freeing to know you are protected, and secure, and disguised. It feels good to know I have an avatar presenting in the astral plane, because it makes me in this human experience feel safe in my own skin. So thank you! Thank you for this medicine. Thank you for your heart, and thank you for what it is you do.

Charles T.


When you work with Martha, you know from the getgo that you will be brought into a safe, caring, and trusting space. Martha's ability to guide you through questions, journeys, and the akashic field is a gift that I feel privileged to have experienced. She has a gentle touch and lovingly leads you into unknown territories, but by the end of the session, leaves you feeling self-assured and empowered. She values you, your energy, and your time and you feel that each session is a unique and special experience not only for her but for you. I cannot recommend her enough.

Laura K.

I will say that I left Martha's class with a MUCH clearer understanding of what Spirit + Energy is, and also the multitude of ways it exists. It’s really clear that she is at home with this work… and when someone’s at-home, it makes a world of difference for the learner. She speaks from within the spiritual experience versus pointing at it (subjective versus objective teaching, and therefore learning). This created a lot more safety for me; it also created a much faster feedback loop because she was there, with me / us. 

Lauren K.

Martha provides measurables- clear as day, no ambiguity. It’s real, straightforward AND she even says “it may look different for you, you may not do this, your intuition might call you to do it differently, and that’s okay." her calls or talks have value. So thank you, Martha, for being refreshingly honest and doing something real.

Stephanie W.