By working in altered states of consciousness, and with the support of Spirit, everything I offer can be digital. Please reach out to me with any inquiries, and I will be honest and ethical in my response. If something is not in alignment with what I offer, I will responsibly suggest an alternative practitioner for you.

What I offer is in service of the divine, not in service of ego.

All suggested "fees" are suggested, but not fixed - if you are ready to heal and grow in your path, but need flexibility, please let me know.

Veterans will receive 20% off any session

Image by Nathan Anderson


When was the last time you felt like you truly exhaled? Not just with your breath, but with your body and mind too. Allow yourself to remove the weight of the world, the burdens of the heart, and the clutter of your mind with a healing session.

With the support of my most trusted allies, I offer various sessions that weave together various modalities such as: -Reiki energy (focused on balancing chakras), -Krishna grace (about healing past relationships of any kind), -Akashic past life (healing and releasing fears and traumas from former lives), -Archetype release (helping us redefine how we see ourselves and the world), -and spirit-led journey work (connecting with ancestors, rebirthing into new chapters, etc...).

During a session, "baggage" (blocks, traumas, pains, or otherwise) will be witnessed, learned from, and moved through so your soul may be soothed. In each modality, I channel divine energy into the client's body to bring healing, peace and realignment to the chakras and mind/body connection. Sometimes, words of comfort, universal wisdoms or advice may come through from spiritual allies and ancestors just for you. After a session, you should feel refreshed, relaxed, have a clear mind and a happy heart.

When you set up an appointment, I will ask my guides about what modality best fits your needs. Let yourself be healed and refreshed.

$90/ 1 Hour session 



Focus, clarity, answers... the relief and confidence that comes from self-awareness can be found in the Akashic Records. Finding out where you are in your path can be found in the Akashic Records. Understanding relationships in your life can be found in the Akashic Records. 

So... What do you want to know?

$50 for 30 mins

$90 for 60 mins



Any group can benefit from a group session: family, friends or even colleagues. My guides and I will come up with a unique plan for your group based on your request, needs, concerns, etc.

Sessions could include group shamanic journey, sound or energy healings, cacao ceremony, divination readings, etc. You can also set up to do a group class over a small series of sessions - see Classes for my offerings.

Examples of group sessions: team building, educational information about spirituality and energy flow, interpersonal communication within a group, creating and honoring boundaries, interpersonal energetic respect, honing your intuition and gifts, etc.

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Cacao is the beautiful drink from the cacao nib, the origin pieces of chocolate. This cacao is grown by a small community of families in Guatemala, and sourced fair trade by Embue Cacao.  

Cacao is a heart opener medicine – guiding us to be open to receiving love and being gently held by the cacao plant spirit as we move gently through places of blocks and pains. Don’t worry, while tears of release may happen, cacao typically encourages us to move, giggle, and offers us senses of bliss and compassion. 

I will provide yummy and grounding snacks and water for during and after the ceremony – all you have to do is join, drink, participate in the meditations should you want, and if you are willing, share afterwards while we integrate the experience…

Enjoy cacao and let the drink and the spiritual medicine bring you some compassion. The entire process should be around 3 hours. 



Have a specific question in mind? Wish you could know the answer to just one burning question/idea, but you don’t necessarily want a full akashic session? 
This offering is for those who would like a tarot spread or a rune reading. Let me know what your question is, and which divination tool you prefer and I will send you an email with an image of the spread as well as the interpretation of the message.