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Bringing the Divine into our Everyday

Open the door. Allow the light to flow in. Feel a fresh breeze on your skin... This is what Spirit brings us - the chance to grow, to heal, and to shift our perspectives to a new awareness that allows us to walk in a happier state. Why not accept that gift?

SoccerMom Shaman is all about feeling that love of Spirit while recognizing what it means to be HUMAN. We are dealing with some deep emotions, frustrating challenges, and at times restrictive structure in this life... and the Universe has unbounded love and potential. SoccerMom Shaman reconciles these, helping to bridge these two worlds and acts as a vessel through which you receive healing and information that has the potential to bring you to a happier, healthier, and more integrated self.



Hi - I'm Martha. I am a curious person, a great listener, a jokester, obsessed with hummus, and a dog lover. I will honor where you are on your path and how you identify. I am a LGBTQ+ ally and proud to believe that LOVE IS LOVE.

While I am comfortable with laughing at myself during sessions, I do take this craft seriously. You can expect me to be humble, honest, and be filled with gratitude. I fully respect what Spirit has brought me in this life, but I also won't stop being human. Therefore, no woo woo language or unrealistic aspirations for my clients... just real talk, real healing, and real fun.

To learn about my path and the lineages I have apprenticed with - read below.



A shaman is a healer, a guide, a leader, a bridge of spirit world and human world... a shaman is many things, and as time and culture evolves, there are many ways to understand Shaman. See below for a description of my practice.

With modern Shamans practicing a wide range of styles (whether cosmic, pagan, plant medicine...), it is important to honor the historical understanding of Shaman... that would be the indigenous Shamans who train for an entire life, who understand the cycles of the earth and who heal using traditional methods (plants, crystals, etc). They are the apex of spirituality and holder of cultural history, sought after for their depth of knowledge. 

I give thanks to those before me, who made the path, steeped in the mysteries, honored the divine, and shared their wisdom with the lineages from which I learn. 

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How does SoccerMom practice Shamanism?

Integrating Cosmic (Egyptian Mystery) and Celtic Shamanism, my work is about finding the truth, the light, and the love that exists for us all, while also honoring our shadows. I am guided by the Divine Mothers and am of service to the Great Mother. I am honored to have spirit teachers and guides from Buddhist, Hindu, Egyptian, Celtic, and Greek traditions as well those from the animal and plant kingdom. I work with "gods" "guides"and "angels" that are of the highest vibration and well in spirit. When doing a session, my allies help me navigate and interpret what is going on, and through the team-work we provide healing and information to you so you might help yourself as well. 

My spiritual training has included (in chronological order):

Usui Reiki Master/Teacher with Pam Owen (Mind Body Connection)

Q'ero Munay-Ki Shamanic Rites with Polly Lazaron (EnergyArts LLC)

Shamanic Apprenticeship with Andye Murphy (Rock and Roll Shaman)

Akashic Record Certification with Andye Murphy (Rock and Roll Shaman)

High Priestess Apprenticeship with Andye Murphy (Rock and Roll Shaman)

Celtic Natural Magic with Danu Forest 

Cacao Ceremony Training with Embue Cacao 

Imrav Embodiment with Jen Murphy (Celtic Embodiment School)

Breathwork Practitioner Certification with Breathing Space (Est. completion winter 22-23) 



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